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Bhutan is traditionally known as Drukyul, and also called the 'Land Of The Thunder Dragon'.The scenery and culture of  Bhutan is absolutely as dramatic as its name. Thimpu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan has a unique cultural heritage that has resisted the test of time. Whether you are a  lover of scenery, trekker, a culture seeker and simply an adventurous holiday lover, you do not want to miss Bhutan's attractions.

Bhutan is developing into the modern world, although remains deeply traditional. Tourism is tightly regulated to make sure that the proud traditional culture is maintained. It is mainly a Buddhist country, and this heritage can be seen in all aspects of Bhutanese life and the ancient buildings dotted throughout the mountainous kingdom. The religious culture is very important to the people to this day. Many men wear traditional tunics in their daily life and many houses famously have giant penises painted on them as a sign of protection!

Bhutan, a small landlocked country in the foot hills of the Himalayas, and one of the top holiday spots in Asia now. Its natural environment and Bhutan tourism policy that consciously protects its pristine setting make it the ideal destination for those who love the outdoors. With most of the population involved in agriculture, Bhutan is a country where working together for the benefit of everyone is an important principle. Interestingly, the government rates 'National Happiness' as important as 'National Product' and this warm feeling eminates from all the people that you meet on our travels in Bhutan.

Amongst the many highlights of Bhutan has the incredible mountain scenery, the opportunity for treks and exploration, the hospitality of a traditional rural homestay, and the countless Buddhist temples and fortresses, such as the Punakha Dzong, the Gangtey Monastery and of course the iconic 'Tiger's Nest Monastery' that clings to the cliff face near Paro.

Buddhism, the main Bhutanese religion forms an integral part of ethical and cultural aspects of the people here. There are annual festivals in each district across the kingdom. Dromchoes and Tshechus are the largest festivals that attract tourists from all corners of the world. They are held in the months of March, April, as well as September through November. The various travel activities, accommodation facilities and scenery make the island an ideal for family tours, couples and romantic dates.Bhutan is a destination that you do not want to miss.

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