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Ganesh Himal Manaslu Annapurna Trekking is a section of great Himalaya trail trekking through Ganesh Himal-Tsum valley-Manaslu- Annapurna Tilicho Lake & Meshokanto Pass is extremely great and mesmerizing.

The first part of the trekking goes through the beautiful region of Ganesh Himal. After that, the trekking route descended to the official trail of Manaslu trekking continue till Philim, and then branched for the Tsum valley a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in the northern Gorkha, Nepal. Traditionally, the valley is a culturally distinct geographical area called, Tsum Tso Chuksum, which means thirteen provinces, ruled as a single territory. The ancient remains of the Tsum kingdom are still visible today.
Continue trekking to Manaslu trail and continued to the top Larkaya pass 5135m, the dropped to Dharapani the main trail of Annapurna circuit trek, continued upto Manang, and then headed toward Tilicho Lake (5000m), the world’s highest. Trekking further up to Mesokanto Pass (5200m), and dropped to lower Mustang, and fly or drive to Pokhara.

Ganesh Himal –Tsum valley and Manaslu trek are situated in the centre of Nepal as trekking gems. Manaslu circuit trek is the best general trek in the country with colorful art, culture, tradition and dramatic valleys against a back drop of classic Himalayan peaks. The Ganesh Himal is one of the least visited regions in Nepal, and offers the adventurous trekkers some wonderful opportunities for genuine exploration.

Throughout both regions, Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Ru-Pa, and Larke people blend to create perhaps the most ethnically interesting series of valleys throughout the Himalaya. The Tamang Heritage trail can be combined with more strenuous routes into and around the Ganesh Himal. Tsum, a remote Larke valley to the north of Ganesh Himal is accessible from the Manaslu circuit. If you want to do the full circuit trek and cross the impressive Larkye La, a large saddle to the north of Manaslu, you can explore the massive natural amphitheatre of mountains at Bhimtang before descending to the Annapurna Circuit. Ganesh Himal, Tsum valley and Manaslu trek is really a true gem of the Himalaya have it all: stunning mountains vistas, enchanting cultures, some of the most beautiful sections of trail in Nepal, and all around the 8th highest mountain in the world.

Below is Ganesh Manaslu and Annapurna trekking itinerary and for customized trekking itinerary, cost deals, latest up to date trekking information and trekking travel guide for Manaslu Annapurna trekking, talk to a team of trekking guide and tour leader.

Day 1: Kathmandu Syabrubesi (1460m, 7hours drive)
Drive to Syabru bensi by Landcruser or bus for 7 hours including 30 minutes lunch break at Trisuli bazaar. It was good driving on nice landscape views of forest, villages, rivers, mountains, fields & its beautiful terraces.

Day 2: Syabrubesi to Parvati Kunda (2570m, 6 hours trekking).
The first 2:30 hrs strenuous walk upto Bahundanda, where we had light lunch then continued to Ghatlang another 2:30 hrs (2300m), and it’s a big village around 150 stone slate roofed houses. 98% people of here are Tamangs. Still we had to go unto Parvatikunda village as our second night destination, it takes 1 hour to be there and stay there.

Day 3: Parvati Kunda to Somdang (3270m, 8 hours trekking).
Trekking through pine & rhododendron forest, cross a pass called Khurpu Bhanjyang pass (3620m), then dropped to Somdang a little village, where only 2 official families live. This trail is wonderful since there see no single tourist, only very few locals.

Day 4: Somdang to Upper Tipling (2130m, 10 hours trek)
Though a tough trekking day, but still is very beautiful. Today also we crossed a pass known as Pangsang la (3830m), took 4.30 hrs from Somdang. Then we descended to upper Tipling another 5:30 hrs downhill through the pine, oak & rhododendron forest to Tipling. There are not any lodges, only beautiful Tamang stone slate roofed houses about 200.

Day 5: Upper Tipling to Borang (1530m, 6/7 hours trek)
Trek ascends and descends to Borang through the beautiful villages, fields & its numerous terraces cultivating wheat, potato, maze & vegetable. All day long we could see the Ganesh Himal range mountain, deep gorges & landscape. At Borang not any lodges or tea houses, we stayed at local house in the centre of village near by the public drinking water tap. But we cook ourselves because they do not want to cook for us, only they proved us room to sleep in.

Day 6: Borang -Lapa (1825m, 4 hours trek)
4 hrs  trekking on uphill and downhill trail in the cliff through the forest and arrived to the beginning of village, you have to cross many houses, fields, terraces then you are on the top of this village nearby school, there is a local lodge called Hilltop Guest House with few some beds as a whole common room. Very good chaw main you get there.

Day 7: Lapa –Mongne/Kharka (2900m, 7/8 hours trekking).
An unforgettable trekking passes through forest, mountains. Between Yarsa & Lapa not any villages besides some shelter of yak & cow. At Mongne kharka we slept in the Inn was very nice, on the ground floor many caw slept and we have to cook, sleep and eat on the first floor. At night we could hear so often snoring cows & crying night birds!

Day 8: Mongne Kharka – Kashi gaun (1900m, 9 hours trekking).
Walking through the beautiful dense forest of pine, rhododendron, oaks & breath taking Vista of Boudha Himal – Peak 29 – Himalchuli – little top of Manaslu – Himlung & so...awesome! We descended to the Yarsa khola (1515m), then ascent up to Yarsa village (1877m), now flat hike  to Kashigaon is beautiful village, 150 houses, from where you may also view wonderful mountain & landscape that you’ve seen along the way.

Day 9: Kashi gaun – Khorla besi (970m, 8/9 hrs) trekking.
Kashigaon to Khorlabensi is beautiful walk & bit long, but we took longer trail via Kerauja (2074m). We crossed mostly villages today, some steep & bushes, forests, fields, terraces & bridges etc. It is very nice walk.

Day 10: Khorla Bensi -Tatopani (990m, 1 hours trek)
Today we walked only one hour and rest day at Tatopani at the shore of Budhigandaki.

Day 11: Tatopani -Philim (1570m, 8 hours) trek
Trek to Jagat alongside of Budhigandaki and then walked to Philim.

Day 12: Philim –Chumling (2386m, 8 hours) trek
A beautiful beautiful & strenuous trek and it is good idea to make Chumling as two day camp from Philim. About 3 hrs to Lokpa (2240m) stay there and next day to Chumling since between Philim & Chumling is mostly up & some downhill through the thick forest along the right bank of Shiar khola. At Lokpa is one basic lodge with few some beds, you get dal bhat. At Chumling also one basic lodge with some beds & gets dal bhat as well.

Day 13: Chumling -Chhekam (3031m, 6 hours walk)
We continued walking along the western bank of Shiar khola, lunch at dobhan 2485m. Confluence Shiar khola to eat & Sarpu khola to the west. Nice campsite. The rest hike upto Gho & star strenuous trail to Chhekam, but beautiful with the view of Ganesh himal, Boudha, Sringi & more many. After Gho or Chhekam the valley opens widely.

Day 14: Chekkam - Nile (3361m, 7 hours) trek.
It has a pleasant trek due to the easy trail, only little climb & mostly 90% flat gradual up through the beautiful spacious fields, villages, and gumbas can see in the cliff, High Mountain surrounding, numbers of chhortens & mani walls etc to Nile 2 hrs in slow motion including rest after lunch at Phurpe 3100m.

Day 15: Nile –Mu Gumba (3700m) –Chekkam (3031m, hours trek)
Trek 2 hours to Mu gumba and enjoy the yaks & some flock of blue sheep were grazing on the opened grassy land. Mu gumba is beautiful, from where you can see wonderful landscape, mountains, the deep valley, and way to Tibet. Trek back to Nile again, have lunch, pick up luggage & continued to Chhekam via Rachen gumba.

Day 16: Chhekam -Lokpa (2240m, 8 hours trek)
Walk down to Gho, then split the trail to the left side and drop at the Shiar khola & cross the wooden bridge. Then continue hiking along the east bank of Shiar khola. The trail is most beautiful & cool and lunch into that thick forest near by the water stream found. Today cross 7 different types of wooden bridges.

Day 17: Lokpa -Deng (1875m, 4/5 hrs) trek
Trek descends to the junction takes 1:10 hrs (1 hr further Philim there is Iron Bridge over Budhigandaki, from where to the left follows to Manaslu valley & to the right alongside of Shiar khola leads to Tsum valley trek). After that we have an easy walk to Deng & slept o/n. There is a basic lodge now.

Day 18: Deng -Namrung (2630m, 7/8 hours) trek
Continue walking along the Budi Gandaki till 45 minutes beyond Rana village, then Sigi & cross Budigandaki again and ascends to Prok village (2397m), the trail condition is strenuous through the blue pine forest, waterfalls etc. We reached to village & it’s very beautiful unique one! Spacious green wheat fields, nice houses, gumbas, surrounding by mountains, kind & friendly people. Then we join on the main trail & get together with Ram & Kaila at lower Ghap. After having lunch we trek to Namrung.

Day 19: Namrung - Samagaun (3520m, 7/8 hours) trek
This is a beautiful trekking though, the village Shyo, walk up to Shyala (3300m), and continue trek to Samagaon & slept over night.

Day 20:  Rest day at Samagaon
An acclimatize day hike up to Birendra Lake situated at altitude of 3640m.  It takes an hour to reach there. Into the lake you can see the beautiful reflection of Manaslu & Nange himal and then trek back to lodge via Sama gumba is very nice trail.

Day 21: Samagaon –Samdo village (3875m, 2/3 hrs) trek
A very pleasant walk to Samdo, because the trail condition is flat & gradually going up on the west bank of Budhigandaki, and we could see hundreds of blue sheep in many different flocks, yaks, marmot, Eurasian griffon etc .A really enjoyable trekking.

Day 22: Rest day
Actually, a light day walking around the village & taking pictures.

Day 23: Samdo –Dharmashala (4460, 3hrs) trek
Wonderful treks to Dharmashala with spectacular views of Manaslu, Naike himal, Larkya peak, Cheo, Himlung himal and many others. The trail condition is gradually going up, easy walk and opened grassy slope, can see numbers of marmot, blue sheep and yaks along the way.

Day 24: Dhamashala -Bhimtang (3720m, 7 hrs) trekking
A very beautiful trek to Bhimtang via Larkya pass 5105m with spectacular, picturesque & breath taking view of Mountains including Himlung & Kangaroo, Larkya pass etc.

Day 25: Bhimtang –Dharapani (1930m, 9hrs) trekking
A jolly trekking through the pine & rhododendron forest still in full of bloom! Though it is bit tough in a day to Dharapani, normally it is two day camp to be connected on the mail trail of Annapurna circuit.

Day 26: Dharapani to Chame (2630m, 6hrs) trekking
You have a pleasant walks to Chame.

Day 27: Chame -Pisang (3250m, 5 hrs) trekking
This trail is still a beautiful trekking trail& less crowded easy climbing gradual up hill.

Day 28: Pisang –Manang (3570m, 4hrs) trekking
This is actually a very good hiking with good weather & beautiful view of Mountains.

Day 29:  Manang -Tilicho Base Camp (4030m, 7 hrs) trek
Beautiful treks to Tilicho base camp hotel. It takes a bit longer than normal but stop for tea break at Khangshar village 2:30 hrs further Manang, then have lunch at Shree kharka 1:20 hrs from here. Then continue trek to Tilicho base camp.

Day 30: Tilicho Base Camp – Tilicho lake (5000m, 4 hrs) trekking
Though it is tough, but the beautiful trek up to Tilicho Lake - the World’s highest lake, categorized as World heritage site. we could view mesmerizing views of Manaslu, Himlung, Himalchuli, Annapurna II, IV, Tarkekang, Rocknoir, Chulu west, Pisang peak, Khangsharkang or more many. Also can see numbers of blue sheep & yaks along the way. We set up tents at the shore of lake & slept over night there.  You may awake up many times by the loud sounds of avalanches in Tilicho peak just across the lake standing as a huge wall while sleeping in the night.

Day 31: Tilicho Lake -Kharka (3900m, 10 hrs) trek
Trek to Kharka on other side via Mesokanto pass (5100m) which is technical, so I would not recommend doing it without fully equipped & well experienced guide. Instead you may cross Tilicho pass though northern side, which is much easy & safer, though it would be bit longer. Anyway you will have a very good adventurous hike & really enjoy it.

Day 32: Kharka -Jomsom (2710m, 4 hrs) trekking
Trekking descends down to Jomsom via the beautiful village Thini walking through the Juniper forest & bush it is so nice with good smell. In Thini all the fields are full of greenery of wheat, barley, potato & vegetable etc. We could view clearly the lower Mustang valley including Marpha, Syang, Dhumba, and Thini, old & new Jomsom etc.

Day 33:  Jomsom – Pokhara (820m, 20 minutes) trekking
We flew to Pokhara by Tara air was pleasant air journey, we saw wonderful Mountain & landscape while in flight. Finally landed at Pokhara airport & drove to Lakeside, the trip ended for this time!

Cost Includes

  • Airport picks up and drop transfer by private coach.
  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast as per guest’s request and demands.
  • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu with tour guide and driver on private coach
  • Consultation on every aspect of preparation including physical and mental
  • All public or private transfers during the trip
  • Three daily meals during the trek like breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Neat and clean mountain guest house or local home stay or tented camp accommodation during trekking
  • Experienced English speaking guide
  • One porter between 2 clients who carry 25 kg baggage
  • Public transport from Kathmandu to and from trek start and end points
  • First-aid kit and trained professionals in its use
  • Trekking/climbing permit and TIMS Card
  • Insurance for all trekking staffs including porters, guide and cook, their salary, meals.
  • Farewell dinner at typical Nepali restaurant with culture dance program.


Cost Excludes

  • International flight
  • Drinks, lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Travel and health insurance that need to cover the helicopter rescue in case of emergency and medication.
  • Hot shower, drinks like coke, fanta, pot of hot water, beer, whisky, battery charge etc.
  • Nepal Visa fee
  • Tips to guides and porters



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