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Bhutan Trekking Package

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Bhutan Trekking Package is the best way to experience Bhutan,its cultures, nature and its people. Bhutan Trek through stunning valleys and across rugged high passes. Trekking to Bhutan visit isolated villages and explore the countless dzongs means fortresses. The tiny Buddhist monasteries that dots in the landscape is an important part of trekking in Bhutan.

The stunning landscapes, ancient culture and humble people of Bhutan is home to beautiful treks in Bhutan. A multi-day treks in Bhutan fit your needs whether you are an experienced trekkers or a novice beginners.

Moreover, Bhutan Trekking  offer crystal clear air and magnificent alpine views. Bhutan short treks are suitable for beginners while others long but challenging trekking in Bhutan requires exceptional fitness. Bhutan Trekking Package, it includes all like guide, kitchen crews, horses, meals, tent for accommodation, transfer and permit. All treks in Bhutan use tent accommodation.

Bhutan Trekking classify as easy, moderate and advanced. Easy trek is for those trekkers who are in good shape for trekking several miles a day while carrying a light day pack. Moderate treks is that trekking between six and nine hours walk in a day. A challenging trek means longer and steeper trekking on rockier terrain in snow.

All grade trekking in Bhutan requires previous trekking experience. Bhutan is an excellent destination for trekking enthusiasts. There are many short and long treks in Bhutan. Like a relatively easy and scenic-Drukpath trekking to the world’s hardest trekking-Snowman Trek.

Bhutan trekking Package offers an incredibly rewarding experience. One of the best things trekking in Bhutan is off the beaten track with less trekker in the trail.Trekking Bhutan is becoming popular now because Bhutan offers a truly unique trekking experience. Bhutan trekking trails are far less crowds and tea houses are not around every corner.

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