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Nepal Mountain Flight Tour -1 days

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Nepal mountain flight tour is a good way to get up close to the Himalayas including Mount Everest without trekking to Everest. The round trip, an hour mountain flight tour in Nepal is for all non expert mountaineers, trekkers and hikers. A few airlines offers mountain flight tour from Nepal’s Kathmandu airport. The mountain flight tour departures everyday early in the morning throughout the year except rainy season. The Autumn, Spring and Winter are the best time of year for mountain flight in Nepal.

Mountain flight tour in Nepal is a once in a lifetime experience. The Mountain flight over the Himalayas and toward Mt Everest is an hour flight tour. The morning flight offers the best chance of clear mountain views. Nepal Mountain Flight tour is one of the best ways to see the majestic mountains includes without trekking to Everest. Mountain flight in Nepal is an hour flight-seeing tour from Kathmandu. The mountain flight departures everyday in the morning.

Kathmandu to Mountain Flight tour begins at 6:30 AM in the morning. The different airlines like Buddha , Yeti, Simrik and Shree airlines are operating mountain flight in Nepal. Buddha and Yeti are the oldest airlines and it has a good reputation for mountain flight-seeing, so it costs more expensive than the other two airlines-Simrik and Shree airlines at it is a new airlines. The mountain flight cost it is cheaper than Buddha and Yeti airlines.

Once the mountain flight takes off, the views are astonishing. First over Kathmandu, with sights of the white Boudhanath Stupa in the middle of the city street grids. Then, it takes less than 10 minutes until the flight takes off to see the Himalayas. These mighty mountains towers over the thick clouds and as you will get closer you will see more and even taller peaks.

The stewardess instructs the first half of the flight, the left side of the plane will get mountain views and then the right side of the plane will get their mountain views on the way back. Sit and enjoy the ride, it is so exciting, the best flight tour in Nepal. On the way back though, the right side had epic up-close views of the mountains.

Besides, One by one the stewardess invite you to slightly step into the tiny cockpit. You will get to see the flight deck up close with all its buttons, lights and levers, talk to the pilots, and check out their window views. The pilots are very sweet and offer to shift around so you could get some shots through their incredible windows views. One of them explanation which mountain you are looking at in his perfect English. The stewardess allows you about 3 minutes each, to enter the cockpit twice. Once at the beginning and again towards the end of the flight experience.

If the weather isn’t conducive for the Everest Mountain Flight, Airlines will cancel the flight and refund/reschedule it. The best time to fly is during Spring, Autumn and Winter when there is less rain/clouds so the chances of seeing everything is greater. Fly with clouds and it is still a stunning sight to see the clouds wrapped around the tall mountains.

Nepal Mountain Flight Tour Prices depend on the season and can range between $190 and $250 per person. However, if you have a bigger budget I also suggest looking into the Everest helicopter flight tour starting at $990. It’s pricier, but it’s more intimate, you can custom tailor it. You actually land at the camp base and get to walk around and experience an up-and-close perspective to the Nepalese Himalayas.

It is also nice to book mountain flight in advance if you would like to do mountain flight tour in Nepal from Kathmandu. Nepal mountain flight tour starts at your hotel and drive to Kathmandu airport. The car and driver will wait you until the completion of your mountain flight and then drive you back to hotel.

Thus, an hour day tour in Kathmandu, Nepal mountain flight tour is to enjoy the stunning view of Mt.Everest. There is no any age bar for mountain flight tour in Nepal. Mountain flight tour for all. Family with children, friends, solo, adults and seniors could take and enjoy the mountain flight tour in Nepal.

Why Nepal Mountain Flight Tour

  • A trip to Nepal would be incomplete without truly understanding what really makes it beautiful, the mountains.
  • Take an incredible panoramic trip through the Himalayas on this one-hour scenic flight
  • Marvel at 20 of the world's highest peaks from your guaranteed window seat
  • Admire the majestic and awe-inspiring Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, 20 miles from your window
  • Witness fantastic Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers

Trip Itinerary

Early morning wake up and driver will be pick up you at your hotel reception. Then you will transfer to the domestic terminal airport Kathmandu. You will check in at domestic airport counter and head to the plane. After the flight seat is full reserve, it will operate. And you will view magnificent stunning mountain the Mt. Everest with other Himalayan.

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